Its been a while..


Hey all, it's been a LONG time since my last post.

Well I haven't had a chance to post because of numerous things like system failure, reinstallation, the loss of my entire folder of system disks, and the upgrade to ubuntu linux.

So lets get started shall we?

In the absence of my Windows 7 disc I decided to acctually check out ubuntu, just to see what its all about. After the first few days of fiddling and tweaking I got everything the way I wanted it, and it turned out something like this:

Anyways, I've grown to like it a lot, more than windows actually, since you can do mostly the same things with ubuntu/linux that you can do with windows. You can probably do even more, but alas I am still a n00b when it comes to linux.

The best thing about linux is that ubuntu is only one of the many versions that are out there and they are all FREE to download, share, and use! almost all software for linux is also free. And even better is that it can run on almost any platform, i.e. PC/Mac machines, and requires very little in resources, i.e. 256mb RAM minimum.

The thing that turns most people away from linux is the fact that sometimes to install said software you must use the Terminal, or linux's version of the Command Prompt. But once again you really only need a few days and it'll become quite easy, and if you have any trouble the linux community is very friendlty and quite helpfull.

So I urge you to check out ubuntu for yourself, give it a try, and tell you friends!!


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