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For those of you who don't know Vuze is a BitTorrent Client with a search engine and network built right into the GUI. The Vuze HD Network is marketplace of sorts where you can download the latest HD movie trailers, TV spots and other short videos. You can even publish your own material to the Vuze Network, though it has to be YOUR content otherwise it will be band and could get your account banded as a result. You dont have to have an account nesesarily, only to publish your content, you can still access the network without one.


The nice thing about Vuze is that it gives you all kinds of details about the things you are downloading. Vuze also has a totally customizable search enginge to work with too. It comes stock with Vuze search and you can add other search engines like The Pirate Bay and ISOHunt. The only things i find bad about Vuze is that you MUST manually shut it down and that its search engine reports Peers/Seeds wrong. Check it out here and download it for free.


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